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These helps groups have been developed with your help, through your consultations, which detected a number of situations where we are able to help you: seniors, women’s wellness, nutrients for your memory, fatigue, stress, asthenia and station changes, your little one not eating well or  being tired.

We also have a list of frequently asked questions, you can answer questions like why we propose a syrup instead of capsules, how long should you take the products…

And if you do not find your answer or want to make a specific inquiry, contact us. All your questions, concerns and needs are important to CEREGUMIL.

Ceregumil for the biggest one in the family

Whether by age, by the weather (heat, cold), or for other reasons, our elders sometimes need to rely on Food Supplements. Elderly joined that they are not used to be eating alone, limitations in their daily activities, make their lifestyle more sedentary.

For them, we propose to make

  • an effort to have a balanced diet and establish a routine, in which meals have a schedule. Cereals, fruit, and vegetables every day. Eat oily fish, omega 3 is very good for your heart. Make a weekly menu help.
  • Walk half an hour a day.
  • Maintain good posture, get used to being upright. Try not to sit for over an hour and take a walk around the house.
  • Crossword puzzles, read or play cards keeps your brain active.


Woman Wellness

Being a woman in modern times involves working on the street and at home, being a mother, and above all be yourself, enjoy your free time with your partner, friends and/or family.

In these situations:

Are you tired? A vitamin supplement or an extra energy contribution can help. Our proposal is CEREGUMIL ORIGINAL, VITAMIX, VITAMIX PLUS in capsule or syrup.

And your defenses? Seasonal changes, heaters, and air conditioners do not help. CEREGUMIL GINSENG, try it and tell us how do you feel.

Are you still studying? We propose you feed your mind with CEREGUMIL GINSENG.

And after you are 40, and prepare you to hormonal changes, we have products for you. We propose a positive attitude, and a set of guidelines lifestyle:

It is important:

Maintain a balanced diet and establish routines foods: grains, fruits, and vegetables every day, foods rich in Omega 3 twice a week (help lower cholesterol and triglycerides, and low-fat dairy products and fortified with calcium and vitamin D like Vitamix and Vitamix Plus, necessary to reduce the risk of osteoporosis).

Perform exercises daily, preferably outdoors to take advantage of sun exposure, b.p. walking half an hour a day.

If your lifestyle does not allow you to consume the daily omega3 necessary, we recommend  VITAMIX PLUS capsules or OMEGA 3 DHA Syrup.


We may be tired for many reasons, and a food supplement can help you eliminate it. P.e.s lack of sleep makes you feel fatigued. You can complete your diet with an energy product or a multivitamin. In CEREGUMIL we offer you a wide range to find the one that best suits you.


Stress is a manifestation of overwork or a period in which we cover more than we can. And unfortunately, it is quite normal these days.

Royal Academy of Spanish Language defines stress as tension caused by overwhelming situations that cause psychological or psychosomatic reactions sometimes severe disorders.

It is therefore very important to try to have a positive attitude. Exercise is a beneficial way of focusing energy and improve the function of mood manner.

And you can complete your diet with an energy product or a multivitamin. In CEREGUMIL we offer you a wide range to find the one that best suits you.

Asthenia and seasonal change

The transition from summer to autumn and winter to spring, time changes and routine after the holidays, the return of a long journey …. They lead to fatigue, a normal physiological process, which is characterized by decay forces with apathy, physical fatigue or lack of initiative. Try to respect the sleep cycles, a routine in meals (these should be light especially at night) and some physical exercise, combined with a multivitamin can help your body get used to the change. In CEREGUMIL we offer you a wide range to find the one that best suits you.

Are your children tire and not eating well?

There are a number of dietary and lifestyle patterns very simple that can help your kids being healthier and happier. Are based on diet routines, hygiene, and exercise. Some of them are:

Breakfast is one of the most important meals (let him prepare his breakfast table, make him believe that he decides what to eat).

Fruits and vegetables every day, fish 3-4 times a week, and one of them oily fish (salmon, tuna, sardines, ..).

Sit down to eat with him/her and take your time.

Washing hands before eating are important, it does not take long.

The bathroom is also a moment of enjoyment, not only an obligation.

Look after their teeth: try to brush their teeth three times a day.

Use your free time to go to the park, play or read a book together.

Physical exercise is a beneficial way to focus energy, improve mood function. It avoids being sedentary life: football, basketball, dancing, skating …

And very important:

Establishes regular routines.

Establish limits on their education Don’t feel that by establishing rules you are making it worse.