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About us

Ceregumil Labs

The company

Since Canivell Fernandez invented his revolutionary patented formula branded Ceregumil, until today, more than a century has gone by. Ceregumil is a product of long tradition in the market and many families are deeply rooted in consumption.

“Behind every product, there is health, tradition, technology and a proud Ceregumil team of being part of a centennial firm”.

How Ceregumil started?

The creator of this famous tonic was born in Granada, and was a Pharmaceutical in 1878 and settled in Montilla (Córdoba), Bernabé Fernández Sánchez.
Blanca Canivell Pascual starts to manage the pharmacy in Montilla, called “Modern” and located in Corredera street No. 49, where stubby and dark bottles that were labeled almost manually without any luxury in his presentation were sold.

Ceregumil Pharmacy 

On the management model

We are specialized manufacturers in food supplements within the health and wellness industry, so our management is based on maintaining the highest quality in all areas of the business, from production processes, R & D, administrative to commercial.

We lead the business thinking about the latest client, by striving to achieve a healthier life, continuously innovating our catalog, supporting and developing the core business of the company to give society a prompt responsiveness.

Ceregumil FactoryWe support socially responsible development, we operate with maximum responsibility premises. This attitude stems from the values passed since the inception of the company, behaving, on its own initiative, in a manner accountable to all our stakeholders: professional workers, customers, suppliers and society in general. Our project is proposed to be a long-term career, both domestically and internationally using strategic partners where required.

We are aware of the importance of sustainability and responsible action. Integrated Security Policy, Occupational Health, and Environment is a clear reflection of our commitment to the environment.

On people

Fernandez and Canivell have always focused on people in two areas: human and technical. It has managed to select and retain their most precious asset, which has contributed to the company: enthusiasm, courage to stay in the market over 100 years, achieving the set goals, provided advanced technical knowledge for every moment both R & D and manufacturing methods…

Also, people receive in return trust, reliability, encouraging personal skills, a good climate, and working environment, generating a sense of belonging, an excellent symbiosis of collaboration and effective teamwork.

About the organization

Fernandez and Canivell’s team works constantly to add value, boosting the business to transmit it in the future.

The company is organized as follows:

Board of directors
Composed of members of the company, where operational decisions that has to do with the business of the company are managed.

Among them, there is a person elected to safeguard the rest of the organization, the CEO.

Technical Department and R & D
Operations Management
Financial direction
Commercial address

About our new facilities


The new facilities located in the Andalusia Technology Park in Malaga is a proof of the modernity of a century-old company that continues to invest in research, innovation, quality and safety in its products, without losing the tradition that represents the brand CEREGUMIL as a pioneer in the market for restoratives, tonics and other food supplements.

– 4000 m² plant
– Technology in manufacturing, distribution and R & D lab
– System extraction of raw materials that provide higher quality product
– Quality Assurance
– Food safety
– Certificate of Compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
– ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

About our products

Fernandez and Canivell S.A. as a pharmaceutical laboratory since 1924 it has always had as an ultimate goal the quality of their products. This has led to reconcile the tradition of its manufacturing system with the latest technologies.

We work among others, under the guidelines of the standards:

Every year we care to put in market new products based on demand, thus we are updating our portfolio. We preserve the natural origin and quality of raw materials we work with.

The range of products grows because the needs are changing. Today the company not only manufactures tonics but has been renewed and increasing its range to achieve a wide range of specific products for every need and every person.
Our customers recognize us for being a traditional brand, more than 100 years in the market, helping many families to lead a healthier life, having an image of natural products that are made directly with cereals, legumes and sugar. They are healthy products that help you through the day.

About our business areas

1. We manufacture food supplements in liquid form at our plant in Malaga and market our brands throughout the domestic market, such merchandising we cover both the pharmacist and the parapharmaceutical with own network and with an external network.

2. We sell CEREGUMIL and the rest of our brands in the international market, being present and in Portugal, USA, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Peru, Chile, Taiwan, among other countries. We accommodate our products to each country and are flexible in the image we want to give in the destination country.

Ceregumil has distributors in Europe, America and Asia.

3. Manufacture for others, Contract Development and Contract Manufacturing, have a state of the art facilities to manufacture liquid and semi-liquid products. We adapt to each of our customers by giving them a personalized service adjusting our processes to your requirements, we are known for flexibility and adaptation to customers and countries, while meeting our quality standards, obtaining high quality and very competitive products. We help them adapt their formulas to Community requirements.

We offer a range of highly competitive products with Fernandez and Canivell formulation, which can be understood as “white label”.Today we are present in Spain and in countries of North Africa and the Middle East.

Ceregumil can help you

FERNANDEZ AND CANIVELL develop its range of Food Supplements trying to help in all every day possible situations, through dietetics we care about strengthening a healthier life for people, adapting to different gaps, ages, and conditions.

So we’ve created 4 groups of products classified according to what you need at that time: ENERGY, MULTIVITAMINS (BASIC AND HEART ENERGY), CHILDREN, AND DEFENSES.