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Ceregumil History


How Ceregumil started?

The creator of this famous tonic was born in Granada, and was a Pharmaceutical in 1878 and settled in Montilla (Córdoba), Bernabé Fernández Sánchez.
Blanca Canivell Pascual starts to manage the pharmacy in Montilla, called “Modern” and located in Corredera street No. 49, where stubby and dark bottles that was labeled almost manually without any luxury in his presentation were sold.


Milestones in its history

Ceregumil got to sell so much that, Bernabé Fernández Sánchez was forced to fulfill two objectives: first register the invention (1912) and another, find a city near the sea or sea port, to manufacture, distribute and make Ceregumil travel all over the world.

Ceregumil Port

Then the first factory opened in Malaga (1921). His final implementation occurs when the company supports its products in what we might call an aggressive approach and early modern prospecting techniques, market, marketing, and advertising.

In 1924 the certificate of the pharmaceutical laboratory is achieved.

Ceregumil displays on its label the gold medal prize achieved in the Exhibition of Palma de Mallorca, and in the early years of the decade of the 20 moves to occupy a leading position on consumption and sales. Other accomplishments would come by, like in the Malaga’s Exposition and Samples Fair (1924), Iberoamerican Exhibition of Sevilla (1929), Peru’s International Exhibition (1949), etc.

Later, Fernández Canivell would be selected as Honored Member of the Chambers of Commerce of Buenos Aires (1959) and Venezuela (1973).

Fernández and Canivell in a few years get the attention of all the graphic artists of the country, the company gets that its product is advertised everywhere through the graphic work of the best authors in the genre. Such is the response gotten from the Spanish creative, that in very few years no company in Spain can put together a graphic collection similar to that of Ceregumil. That is how it was introduced in every home.

The 60’s and 70’s brought the broadcasting of the product through radio, and Ceregumil adapts to new times with new facilities in Malaga’s Industrial Estate El Viso (1972). On the 80’s starts taking its first steps on television, and it's in the 90’s when with the development of new products has a remarkable presence on television.

With the new century, XXI, and after celebrating its first 100 years in 2007, new challenges were opened for the company. Based on our concept of Natural Product, the Department of Research and Development works, in conjunction with several universities, on new developments that allow the binding of “dietary” and “: health” concepts, with the only goal to improve health through natural food supplements.

New projects require new facilities and new technologies that were accomplished on 2009. With the new facility, the company re-adapts to new times and new requirements, demonstrating once again the brand Ceregumil is updated, and is still, after more than 100 years, a leader in improving the health of all who knows and uses their products.

The concept of family business still remains, we work with the same enthusiasm as the founders, we have very automated installations, continue to work with raw materials of first quality, with novel processes to ensure a high level of service, reliability, and security to our customers, and we like to be close to the needs of our customers.