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Blendamin Iron Caps

Blendamin Iron Caps

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Blendamin Iron Caps Supplement for Anemia w/Cyanocobalamin Vitamin B12 - Folic Acid -  Energy Booster High Potency Gluten Free 


Great source of Iron, to help with the hemoglobin and red cells, Great Lemon Taste.

Blendamin Iron Caps it's really a fresh and fast absorbing supplement specially created in Europe to ensure a great combination of Folic Acid - Iron - B120 providing in each dosage the best Iron needs in the body, bringing a real defense to the fatigue and lack of energy because of the low iron levels.

Per 10 mL of Ceregumil Liquid Iron, you get 14 mg dose of Iron with a fresh lemon taste, with a great quality of Folic Acid and Vitamin B12 ideal to boost your energy to the max.

Blendamin Iron Cap assince it's liquid it's a great idea for those who have difficulty to swallow any pills, it's ideal to be mixed with your favorite drink.

Manufactured in Europe it's Gluten Free.

This is a great source of Iron and Folic Acid + B12 to the body. Ideal for anyone lacking of iron on the body