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Ceregumil EP Kids
Ceregumil EP Kids
Ceregumil EP Kids
Ceregumil EP Kids
Ceregumil EP Kids
Ceregumil EP Kids
Ceregumil EP Kids
Ceregumil EP Kids
Ceregumil EP Kids

Ceregumil EP Kids

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Ceregumil EP Kids Liquid Supplement ~ Natural Immune System Support and Booster in Syrup Form for Children, 8.45 oz ~ with Echinacea, Propolis, Vitamin C and Royal Jelly ~ Great Cherry Flavor


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Premium Immunity Blend: Contains Echinacea, Propolis & Vitamin C--nature’s own wellness boosters, thought to promote healthy immunity in growing kids. Suitable for toddlers & beyond.

Fosters Health & Vitality: Also has Royal Jelly, believed to help strengthen the body’s natural defenses & support healthy energy levels. Great for youngsters who are under the weather.

All-Natural Nutrition: 100% non-GMO! Contains gentle herbal ingredients designed to balance the gaps in your child’s diet and provide essential nutrients their growing bodies need to thrive.

For Kids Age 3 & Up: Yummy cherry flavor will have your child grinning from ear to ear! Liquid form is absorbed more quickly by the body than pills to help them feel better fast.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee: We want you to be 100% thrilled with our natural echinacea tincture. If you’re not happy for any reason, let us know and receive a full and prompt refund.


With a delicious cherry flavor, this enriched immune formula helps support your little one’s natural defenses during cold & flu season--and all year round! Fast-absorbing liquid starts working immediately.

Is your child constantly battling a sniffly nose and sore throat? Are you tired of the string of colds that never seems to end? Give them an immunity advantage with Ceregumil EP Kids! This nutritional syrup contains Echinacea extract & Vitamin C, natural immune system stimulators thought to help keep everyday colds at bay.

Our formula also has Propolis, known for its antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, we’ve added Royal Jelly to support healthy growth and energy. Use Ceregumil EP Kids to:

Boost energy levels naturally and combat weakness & fatigue

● Increase mental alertness and focus

● Promote normal, healthy bone growth

● Ease temporary symptoms of colds, flu, infections, and other illnesses

● Ease temporary symptoms of seasonal allergies

● Prevent future colds and illnesses

Whether your child suffers from allergies or can’t seem to fend off common viruses, Ceregumil EP Kids is designed to keep their immune system in tip-top shape. This holistic tonic offers superior absorption to provide maximum benefits to little bodies. Plus, with its TASTY CHERRY FLAVOR, you’ll never have to beg your child to take it!

A trusted brand since 1907 (now sold in 124 different countries), Ceregumil is made in Europe, where dietary regulations are more stringent than in America.

Want to give your kid a healthy advantage?

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