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Ceregumil Ginseng
Ceregumil Ginseng
Ceregumil Ginseng
Ceregumil Ginseng
Ceregumil Ginseng
Ceregumil Ginseng
Ceregumil Ginseng
Ceregumil Ginseng

Ceregumil Ginseng

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Ceregumil + Panax Korean Ginseng Extract, Cereal & Legumes | Natural, Mediterranean Diet-Based Liquid Supplement to Support Healthy Energy, Immunity, & Appetite, 8.45 oz.


TASTES GREAT - You can take alone or like our customers prefer using CEREGUMIL™’s great tasting ginseng liquid extract syrup to sweeten up their favorite foods and drinks, while getting their daily recommended ginseng dosage of 10mL twice a day.

ABSORBS FAST - Drinking CEREGUMIL Ginseng gives you all the nutritional benefits of ginseng at a much faster rate than capsules, pills, or powders.

100% NATURAL - Grown and harvested using sun-dried and water extraction methods, so you get the most antioxidants, nutrients, ginsenosides possible from CEREGUMIL™ liquid ginseng extract syrup. Made with cereals, legumes (wheat, lentils, kidney beans), beehive honey, and sugar cane — no additives, preservatives or chemicals whatsoever.

15MG GINSENOSIDE CONTENT - Ginsenoside is the active ingredient in ginseng that helps you fight fatigue; boosts your energy and drive and concentration and reflexes. CEREGUMIL™ has 15mg of ginsenoside, which is the ideal daily amount!

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Your happiness is guaranteed with CEREGUMIL liquid extract ginseng. If you’re not satisfied with your 250ml bottle, we’ll promptly refund your purchase.

Discover the potent benefits of Korean white ginseng with this nutrient-rich liquid supplement! Features the finest ginseng available as well as cereals and legumes to support multiple areas of health. 

Looking to experience the benefits of ginseng — but not sure which supplement is best? CEREGUMIL Liquid Ginseng Extract features the finest Korean red ginseng (Panax) — used for over 4,000 years to promote bodily health and well being. Our syrup includes ginseng plants grown for over 6 years, so their roots are extremely nutrient-dense. It contains 15 mg of ginsenosides, the active ingredient in ginseng believed to help: 

• Increase energy 
• Banish mental fatigue and improve concentration 
• Eliminate physical tiredness and improve stamina 
• Improve reflexes and performance 
• Support healthy immune function 
• Foster sound sleep 
• Support healthy sexual function 

CEREGUMIL Liquid Ginseng Extract also contains cereals and legumes, which are rich in nutrients and antioxidants that support good health. This adaptogenic tonic offers superior absorption, contains NO additives or chemicals, and can be used by men, women, and children. Enjoy it on its own, or use it to sweeten your favorite food and beverages. 

Take it 2 Ways to Accomplish Different Health Goals 

Consume it with a full meal to help improve natural energy without increasing your appetite. • Take it on an empty stomach to enhance both your energy and appetite. 

A trusted brand since 1907 (now sold in 124 different countries), Ceregumil Ginseng is made in Europe, where dietary regulations are more stringent than in America. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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